NUTFIT: Energizing hazelnut spread

NUTFIT: Energizing hazelnut spread

NUTFIT: Energizing hazelnut spread

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Energizer with high protein content, without added sugar.

Give your energy a boost with our high protein hazelnut spread. Specially developed for athletes looking for a nourishing and energizing source, this spreadable cream is a tasty and healthy option to support your performance.

Made with the best Piedmontese hazelnuts, this cream naturally contains high quality proteins and "healthy" fats such as unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3. This combination of nutrients provides you with long-lasting energy and promotes muscle recovery.

Each teaspoon of hazelnut cream will delight you with its enveloping taste and smooth texture. Spread this cream on bread, rusks or use it as an ingredient to enrich your protein shakes and your favorite recipes.
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