IGP Langhe hazelnut flour

IGP Langhe hazelnut flour

IGP Langhe hazelnut flour

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A versatile ingredient perfect for the preparation of sweets and special breading. Obtained from the prized hazelnuts of Piedmont, this flour will give a unique taste and a touch of refinement to your recipes.

Hazelnut flour is a tasty alternative to traditional flours. You can use it to enrich desserts such as cakes, biscuits and brownies, giving them a delicate flavor and a soft texture. Furthermore, hazelnut flour lends itself perfectly to creating crunchy and irresistible breading for meat, fish or vegetables.

Experience the versatility of hazelnut flour in your culinary preparations. Each bite will be enriched by the richness and quality of Piedmontese hazelnuts, offering you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Choose our Piedmont hazelnut flour and add a touch of excellence to your cakes and breading. Pay homage to the Piedmontese culinary tradition with the authenticity and quality of our hazelnuts, transforming your recipes into true culinary works of art
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